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According to the USAToday, the average person annually wastes $71 on gifts no one wants. Added up, this is not only a lot of funds but a lot of stuff that accompanies that amount. And although our world is still figuring out better ways to recycle, we have nailed eco-friendly gifts and sustainable gift ideas. I’ve listed my top go-to’s below, but I also want to consider what sustainable really means.

Just think, Etsy has 116,446 results under sustainable gift (and that’s just the products that pay for promotion). Many other businesses have done the same, promoting ‘sustainable’ options for everyone. 

But here’s the issue, sustainability means the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level (Dictionary, 2021). Currently our rate of consumption is not sustainable, we’re consuming more than we are using or needing. That action alone hurts our plant, squandering any current efforts towards sustainability. It’s important that we continue to move towards a reduced lifestyle by being conscious of what we purchase and gift. Even if it’s a sustainable gift ideas. 

What is a Sustainable Gift?

Sustainability means truly reshaping our rate of consumption. It means that not every gift needs or should be a physical item. And how can you give a gift without a thing? Gifting a donation, allows you to gift and give in someone’s name. You choose a category of interest (for example, environment), select a nonprofit dedicated to that category, and then donate (and gift) in your recipient’s name. Give Again also allows you to customize a personal message and send a high-quality, locally designed, pre-consumer (factory off-cut) card. 

Gifting a donation is the easiest way to achieve sustainable gifts. However, if you are still looking for items to add to your donation, I recommend my top choices that aim to reduce overall consumption in the long run and change our rate of consumption.

Environmentally Friendly Gift Ideas

The switch takes a moment to get used to, but I promise you won’t go back. Once you get use to washing and not tossing, you’ll find multiple uses for these handy cloths. And considering that 3,000 tons of paper towels are wasted in the US every day, I am thrilled to not contribute to that.

credit: Etsy Kitchen Treat 20PC Paperless Unpaper Towels Eco-friendly Kitchen Reusable Cloth 
credit: Etsy VanWildSkinCare Foaming Hand Soap Concentrate Cubes, Vegan, Natural, Plant Powered, + Zero Waste

Sounds simple, but sometimes we just need to try something in a new way. These plastic-free container soaps are a great gift to get someone to try a plastic free approach. From dish soaps to hand soaps, this shop offers a great selection and keeps their product list short and sweet.

Again, another great way for your gift to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle, these covers reduce plastic and makes reusability a little bit easier.

credit: Etsy SpazaStore Dish and Bowl Cover Set of 4 Safari Print 
credit: Etsy Refinement House Eco Friendly Home Goods, Sustainable, Zero Waste, Plastic Free

Last but not least, you’re go-to tote bag will make it easy to stop plastic bag use all together. This compartment tote makes it your all in one bag for errands, groceries, or a day out and about. 

simplify the gift giving process, gift a donation today.

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