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Wildlands Network


The core principle of all we do is this: if protected areas are connected with healthy habitats on a continental scale, our treasured native plants and animals will thrive as will life-supporting ecological processes like carbon storage and pollination, and high water quality.

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Organization Introduction

Wildlands Network is a nonprofit wildlife conservation organization committed to protecting wildlife and their habitats across North America. By connecting habitats, they help ensure that wildlife can thrive and migrate safely. This organization’s mission is to create a continent-wide network of connected wildlands.

Protecting Wildlife and Their Habitats

Wildlands Network works to protect wildlife and their habitats by advocating for wildlife-friendly policies, partnering with other organizations, and engaging in on-the-ground conservation efforts. They believe that restoring and protecting habitats is crucial to the survival of wildlife and the health of ecosystems.

Creating a Continental Network of Connected Wildlands

Wildlands Network aims to create a network of connected wildlands across North America, which will allow wildlife to safely migrate and thrive. This network will connect protected areas and other habitats, ensuring that wildlife can move freely across the continent. By creating this network, Wildlands Network hopes to preserve biodiversity and restore ecosystems.

Advocating for Wildlife-Friendly Policies

Wildlands Network advocates for policies that protect wildlife and their habitats. They work with lawmakers, agencies, and other organizations to promote policies that protect wildlife, restore habitats, and ensure that wildlife can migrate safely. They also engage in public education and outreach to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife and habitat conservation.

Partnering with Other Organizations

Wildlands Network partners with other organizations to advance their mission of protecting wildlife and their habitats. They work with conservation groups, government agencies, and other stakeholders to promote wildlife-friendly policies and carry out conservation efforts on the ground. By collaborating with other organizations, Wildlands Network can have a greater impact on protecting wildlife and restoring habitats.

Engaging in On-the-Ground Conservation Efforts

Wildlands Network engages in on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect wildlife and their habitats. They work to restore habitats, remove barriers to wildlife movement, and prevent habitat fragmentation. By taking action on the ground, Wildlands Network can make a tangible difference in protecting wildlife and preserving ecosystems.

Overall, Wildlands Network is a wildlife conservation organization committed to protecting wildlife and their habitats across North America. Through advocacy, partnerships, and on-the-ground conservation efforts, they work to create a continent-wide network of connected wildlands that will allow wildlife to thrive and migrate safely.

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