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Utah Down Syndrome Foundation


Providing hope to individuals, their families and community through support, education, activities, outreach and advocacy.

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Organization Introduction

Firstly, the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation (UDSF) is a nonprofit organization helping individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Founded in 1977, UDSF provides resources, services, and support to these individuals and their families throughout Utah.

Support for Individuals with Down Syndrome

UDSF offers a variety of programs and services to help these individuals reach their full potential. Also, they provide educational resources, as well as classes and workshops to help them develop important life skills.

In addition, UDSF offers social events and activities, such as dances and camps, to help individuals with Down syndrome connect with others in the community and develop strong social skills.

Support for Families

Overall, the organization provides resources and information to help families navigate the challenges of raising a child with Down syndrome, including medical issues, education, and legal matters.

UDSF also provides support groups and networking opportunities for families to connect with others who have similar experiences. The organization also hosts an annual conference for families to learn about the latest research and developments that might be helpful to them.

Advocacy and Awareness

UDSF is dedicated to advocating for individuals with Down syndrome and raising awareness about the condition. Also, the organization works with lawmakers and community leaders to promote policies and programs that benefit these individuals.

UDSF also hosts various events throughout the year to raise awareness about Down syndrome and promote inclusion in the community. These events include the Buddy Walk, which is the largest Down syndrome awareness event in Utah, and the Red, White, and Snow charity event.


Lastly, the UDSF is a vital resource for individuals with Down syndrome and their families in Utah. Through its comprehensive support programs and advocacy efforts, UDSF is helping to improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and promote greater inclusion in the community.

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