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Make-A-Wish Utah


Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

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Organization Introduction

Make-A-Wish Utah is a nonprofit organization that strives to fulfill the wishes of children who are battling critical illnesses. The organization believes that granting these wishes can provide hope, strength, and joy to the children and their families.

Granting Wishes to Children in Utah

Make-A-Wish Utah has granted more than 4,000 wishes since its inception in 1985. These wishes range from meeting celebrities and going on trips to receiving special gifts and experiences. The organization works closely with wish families to determine the child’s heartfelt wish, which then becomes the focus of the organization’s efforts.

Creating Life-Changing Experiences

The experience of a wish can create positive memories that last a lifetime. Make-A-Wish Utah strives to create unique and unforgettable experiences that cater to the child’s interests and passions. From meeting their favorite sports team to going on an adventure, the organization goes above and beyond to make the wish come true.

The Power of a Wish

Make-A-Wish Utah believes that a wish can be a game-changer in a child’s journey towards recovery. A wish can give children the strength and hope they need to fight against their illnesses. The organization is committed to providing children with the opportunity to experience the power of a wish and to see the impact it can have on their lives.

Supporting the Community

Make-A-Wish Utah relies on the support of the community to grant wishes for children. The organization has a team of volunteers who donate their time and resources to make wishes come true. Additionally, the organization accepts donations from individuals and businesses who want to support their mission.

Making Dreams a Reality

Make-A-Wish Utah is dedicated to making dreams a reality for children facing critical illnesses. The organization’s commitment to fulfilling wishes has brought hope, strength, and joy to countless families throughout Utah. With the help of volunteers and donors, Make-A-Wish Utah will continue to grant wishes and make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families.

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