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Holy Cross Ministries


We respond to the underserved community’s need for health and well being. We share God-given resources, connect people to community services, and assist individuals and families towards independence and full participation in the community.

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Organization Introduction

For over 20 years, Holy Cross Ministries (HCM) has been dedicated to improving the lives of underserved communities in Utah. With a mission to provide education, healthcare, and legal services to low-income families, HCM has become a beacon of hope for many.

Education Programs: Empowering the Future Generation

HCM’s education programs offer children and families the tools they need to succeed. From early childhood education to adult ESL classes, HCM is committed to improving literacy and academic achievement. They also offer after-school programs to help children stay engaged and on track.

Healthcare Programs: Providing Access to Healthcare

Access to healthcare can be a major obstacle for low-income families. HCM’s healthcare programs offer affordable and accessible medical care to those in need. They provide preventative care, chronic disease management, and behavioral health services to improve overall health outcomes.

Legal Services: Protecting the Rights of Vulnerable Populations

Many vulnerable populations, such as immigrants and refugees, face legal challenges that can be overwhelming. HCM’s legal services program provides affordable legal services to help protect the rights of these individuals. They offer immigration services, family law assistance, and community outreach to ensure that everyone has access to justice.

COVID-19 Response: Supporting the Community During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected low-income families and communities of color. HCM has stepped up to provide vital support during this challenging time. They have offered COVID-19 testing, vaccination clinics, and food assistance to help families stay healthy and fed.

Volunteer and Donate: Get Involved in the Community

HCM relies on the support of volunteers and donors to continue their important work. There are many ways to support, from volunteering at events to making a financial contribution. By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

In summary, Holy Cross Ministries is a nonprofit organization that commits to improving the lives of vulnerable communities in Utah. Through their education, healthcare, and legal services programs, as well as their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HCM has become an integral part of the community. With the support of volunteers and donors, they will continue to make a difference for years to come.

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