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Great Salt Lake Audubon


Great Salt Lake Audubon is dedicated to protecting and enhancing habitat for wild birds, animals and plants, and to maintaining healthy and diverse environments for wildlife and people throughout the state.

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Organization Introduction

Great Salt Lake Audubon is a nonprofit organization based in Utah dedicated to protecting birds and their habitats. With over 3,000 members, the organization commits to promoting conservation, education, and advocacy efforts to protect the Great Salt Lake ecosystem.

Conservation Efforts

Great Salt Lake Audubon works tirelessly to conserve and protect the Great Salt Lake ecosystem, which is a critical habitat for millions of migratory birds. Also, the organization has been involved in several conservation projects, including the creation of wetlands and bird sanctuaries. Additionally, the organization conducts research and monitoring of bird populations to help better understand the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Education and Outreach

Great Salt Lake Audubon recognizes the importance of educating the public about the value of birds and their habitats. The organization offers a variety of educational programs and outreach initiatives to engage the public in conservation efforts. From birding field trips to nature walks and youth programs, Great Salt Lake Audubon provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn about birds and their habitats.

Advocacy Efforts

Also, Great Salt Lake Audubon advocates for policies and legislation that support bird conservation and the protection of their habitats. The organization works with local and state agencies to ensure that bird populations are considered in land-use planning and development decisions. Through their advocacy efforts, Great Salt Lake Audubon aims to ensure that birds have the necessary protections to thrive and survive.

Support the Great Salt Lake Audubon

As a nonprofit organization, Great Salt Lake Audubon relies on the support of its members and donors to continue their important work. In conclusion, by becoming a member or gifting a donation, you can help protect the Great Salt Lake ecosystem and ensure that birds have a safe and healthy habitat.

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