How To Find Meaningful Gifts for Her

Stop Giving Flowers and Start Giving a Meaningful Gift

Letterpress card with Expression design by Give Again

Have you ever wondered what meaningful gifts for her really look like? Well…it’s not flowers, or chocolates.

For those we love the most, it seems impossible to find small but meaningful gifts that express the meaning we want to convey for our significant other, our partner(s), for our Mom, Dad, or for our family members. It always seems hard to find that true meaningful gift, even if you’re just looking for meaningful gifts for friends.

Every year I feel like I struggle with this, and sure it varies from person to person, but at least once a year I am racking my brain for that perfect gift. Or for even a subpar gift. I either feel like I don’t know what to get because they don’t really ‘need’ anything, I’ve given something similar before, or the item that I did manage to come up with is out of my budget.

Suddenly, we’ve created extra stress around giving something meaningful, something that is supposed to be simple. 

The Basin Of Small, But Meaningful Gifts

Finding a solution to this unnecessary stress means understanding the problem, how can we expect objects to justify our meaning? When we want to give meaningful gifts for her, for him, for our partner, we can’t expect that an object will be the tangible piece that conveys that meaning. We can’t expect that an object is a vessel for our emotions and interactions. 

Contrary to what marketing, promotions, and media wants you to think, that diamond necklace, expensive watch, or fancy apparel boils down to an object. In that moment, it might seem like part of the top 10 birthday gifts for her you’ve ever gotten, but like many gifts, it’s temporary, it fades. Our objects are tangible, but their meaning intangible. 

Things aren’t meaning and meaningful gifts for her, him, they or them, aren’t things. We should be the basin of the meaningful gifts we give. 

Finding The “Meaning” In Meaningful Gifts For Her

There is a certain love that comes with meaning, it’s the personal touch piece that says exactly what you mean, exactly what you want to say. As silly as it sounds, but why do most of us feel that warmth of a gift from a kid’s macaroni art, it’s because you know that they put that thought in, they made that gift for you. However, myself included, knows that I don’t have the time, space or talent to offer a hand-crafted piece in every gift I give. Nor do I see many appreciating my macaroni art. 

A Blank Space To Be Meaningful

It sounds simple, but greeting cards allow us a blank space to be meaningful, thoughtful, and to say exactly what we want to say. But are greeting cards truly meaningful? We often expect more, we often want more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to recognize our consumeristic society. It’s also important to recognize that objects, items or things won’t fill that gap. A greeting card is sweet, but sometimes doesn’t fill that meaningful space. Gifting a donation along with a handmade letterpress card on the other hand, adds to that space of giving we want to gift. 

By gifting a donation, you are choosing a humanitarian (non-profit) organization that is meaningful to your receiver. For example, if I want a meaningful gift for best friend who is interested in the outdoors, actively hiking and exploring the mountains, who is the definition of the mountains are calling. I know that this is a love for them, that they appreciate the wilderness in a very special way. Knowing this, I would like to donate to my local wilderness foundation in their name and support a space that they love. 

Effort & Showing Interest Make Lifetime Memorable Gifts

When you are consciously making an effort to select an area or scope meaningful to your recipient, that is where meaning comes in play. You are showing them that their interests matter, that they matter, and you are choosing to connect with them in a way that is often under-appreciated.

Tool Tip: Are you ready to join our community of passionate supporters who are committed to redefining gift giving in a meaningful and sustainable way? Take our Nonprofit Gift Giving Guide Quiz now and find the perfect nonprofit organization that aligns with your values.

Meaningful gifts for her, for your loved one, means there’s no guessing, or trying to interpret what a gift means. When it’s meaningful, your gift, your expression, your love, becomes direct and says exactly what you mean.

simplify the gift giving process, gift a donation today.

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