How to Gift a Donation

3 Easy steps teach you how to Donate On Behalf Of Someone As A gift

  1. Select a charity that is significant to you or your recipient. Think about their interests or an organization you love and want to share with them. If you’re having trouble finding a charity to donate on behalf of someone, take our Nonprofit Gift Giving Guide Quiz to receive handpicked recommendations of charities that we select for you based off your answers.
  2. Once you’ve selected a charity, you can choose your donation amount and fill out the recipient’s name.
  3. Share your gift donation in one of our locally designed and handmade letterpress cards. Take a moment to let your recipient know the why of your gift in your own words, and why you’ve chosen to donate on behalf of someone. Whether you chose a charity meaningful to you or them, it’s important to share that connection.
Letterpressed card with message and donation on behalf of the recipient. The perfect gift a donation solution.

Why Gift a Donation?

When you gift a donation, it allows you to experience a new perspective when it comes to gift giving. You can gift with purpose, gift without stress, find meaning without breaking the bank, and you always have the perfect gift.

When you donate on behalf of someone as a gift, you provide a gift to a loved one and a donation to a nonprofit, making your money go twice as far. Support your favorite charity (or your recipients) and imagine if every gift you gave benefited two instead of one.

Why Redefine Gift Giving with Give Again

About two years ago I went into a holiday craze. I was insistent that that was the year I needed to buy everyone a small token to show my appreciation. It was exhausting to say the least, and by the end of it I felt that even if I spread a little bit of cheer it came at the expense of unnecessary stress (emotionally and financially).

For the most part though, stress and all, I was able to select everyone’s gift with care. I calibrated who they were, the role they had played in my life, and in turn, located a gift that I thought they would appreciate. But two very meaningful people remained, one who I knew professionally and one who I knew personally. I was stuck. No clue what to give them. In their professions, they both naturally received a lot of gifts from others that they’ve impacted. I’d imagined most of the holiday gifts they frequently received were unwanted or not needed. I wanted to give differently, and gift them something that truly expressed my appreciation for them in my life. Yet, everything seemed to collapse under that expectation, any idea I came up with felt cliche or was out of my already exceeded budget. 

We’ve all felt this, it may be a birthday instead of a holiday, or a family member instead of a friend. But we’ve all wanted our gifts to have more purpose and we’ve all been stuck on what that purchase looks like for someone. Gifts these days simply seem to be coupled with stress (again, either financially or emotionally), dreading events and occasions that require gifts. They take up more space, overwhelm what we have to give, and no matter how much we try, a gift given may not be a gift wanted. 

As gifts become less attractive, as we try to get rid of more instead of taking more, and as things hold less weight in our lives and the people in our lives remain a priority—I can’t help but wonder how we plan to give gifts in a world where gifts aren’t always wanted. It might be time to try something new in gifting. Which is why it’s important to us at Give Again, that we provide an easy way for everyone to donate as a gift.

simplify the gift giving process, gift a donation today.

Are you ready to join our community of passionate supporters who are committed to redefining gift giving in a meaningful and sustainable way? Take our Nonprofit Gift Giving Guide Quiz now and find the perfect nonprofit organization that aligns with your values.

Discover more about Give Again by listening to our podcast episode where we explain how and why we should give differently.

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