How to Find Gifts For Minimalists

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The minimalist movement has taken off. Since 2020 we’ve been through all sorts of pandemic practices and with most of us being in lock down during that time, we’ve reevaluated a lot of what sits in our closets, cupboards, and drawers. And whatever we call this practice, in each of our lives, it’s made us all a little bit more of a minimalist by reducing the things that surround us. So, when it comes time to give gifts, for birthdays, holidays, or to simply show appreciation, how do we find gifts for minimalists with these new consumerism habits in mind? 

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How to find the Best Gifts For Minimalists

When searching for gifts for minimalists, it helps to understand what minimalism means, however, there isn’t one easy definition. Minimalism is a personal journey, it’s a lot like trying to define meditation, it looks different for everyone. The general concept though is also a lot like meditation, the goal is to be more mindful, particularly more mindful about what you consume. It’s about stopping to think why you’re consuming, how often you consume, and where you consume. A basic example of this is retail therapy. Many of us have been a part of a consumerism culture, for something we probably didn’t need. But for that brief moment we purchase to help unwind or celebrate.

When we stop to pause and think twice about what we are consuming and the meaning of something beyond that moment, that’s when we start to reshape our pattern of thinking about our relationship with things. We start to separate need vs. want and see past that ‘bargain’ deal or temporary item. We start to redefine the things that currently encompass our spaces, placing a level of importance to the items that we do choose to keep. 

The ongoing journey of Minimalism In Search Of Gifts For Minimalists

This ongoing journey changes and adjusts with time, just like most mindfulness practices. And the personalization to each of these practices is what makes it so hard to find the best gifts for minimalists. Because when things become what we are reevaluating, we become the experts of what we want those things to be. When we’ve worked hard to define that, when you’ve chosen each item carefully, it’s almost like throwing a wrench in the configuration when something else shows up, especially in the form of a gift. 

Equally most gifts are intended to be meaningful. So, although a gift was given with love and intent that doesn’t mean your newfound minimalistic approach has a place for that gift to be in your surrounding space. This isn’t something to be offended by, it’s like telling someone who practices mindfulness through breath work to go for a run instead. The thought is there, but the execution is different for the practice. Which means, maybe our gift giving habits, shouldn’t be about things but instead the acknowledgement.

Breaking thinking patterns & minimalist gift ideas

This is a hard thinking pattern to break, especially when gifts are not only so culturally rooted in our society, but when they so frequently revolve around tangible items. It requires that we start redefining the tangible as intangible and intangible as tangible. For example, offering to mow someone’s lawn or shovel their driveway as a gift, or help out around the house, or doing something that you know would take that slight extra weight off their plate can be a great idea for minimalist Christmas gifts. It’s about finding ways to give more with less. 

For various reasons though, not all of us can make that offer of lending an extra hand. So frequently, I find that the best gifts for minimalists is to gift a donation. This creates a space for you to show thought and meaning without objects, without things that clutter spaces or time, and what makes the perfect gifts for minimalists, the intangible.

simplify the gift giving process, gift a donation today.

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