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Give Again started under a collision.

I personally and financially felt worn out trying to find gifts that expressed love, care or thankfulness to someone who seemingly had it all. Equally, I was tired of the needless things we seem to collect around moments meant to be relaxing with loved ones—now filled with distractions.

There had to be a better way to sustainably give and make a sincere impact, without overpriced stuff. 

It only makes sense to connect the differences, and stop defining giving to a loved one and giving to our community as a separate action. So, I hope this platform allows you a space to give differently, give meaning and give again.


Give Again.

Sounds simple, but we believe so much in our mission that we made it our name. Our daily goals are to give again, so we keep giving with meaning, where it matters.


We want to take gift giving and ‘giving in the name of’, to an impactful level that supports our local nonprofit organizations.

We want to redefine the way we give and fill the gaps in between making the difference, celebrating our differences and being the difference.


We built Give Again with sustainability in mind, because in today’s evolving world that’s a required action.

Give Again understands that gift giving is an integral part of our connections with family, friends and loved ones. But we also know that our world’s product consumption has become excessive. So to help our world we have to reduce, which means no more wasteful giving and more meaningful gift giving.

At Give again we work hard to resource as much as we can locally, to help support our communities and reduce our waste in processing, shipping and handling. In addition, our cards are printed on 100% cotton, pre-consumer (factory off-cut) paper. 

As Give Again grows, we aspire to find new, everyday ways to be sustainable. 

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